These Yogurts Have MORE Sugar Than Twinkies

yogurtverticalPhotographed By Phoebe Chuason.
Yogurt is one of those foods we tend to place in the “good for you” category; it's a snack-time mainstay that's filling with a hit of protein. Twinkies, on the other hand — well, they've come to represent our worst junk-food indiscretions. The Huffington Post has some bad news: Several of your favorite yogurts each contain more sugar than a Twinkie.
Sugar does occur naturally in dairy products — lactose accounts for 17 grams of the sugar in a serving of low-fat yogurt — but top yogurt brands go on to add even more sweetness to their products. Yoplait is one of them: Strawberry-flavored original Yoplait yogurt says it's “99% Fat Free,” right on the label, but a scan of its nutrition information reveals that each six-ounce serving has a whopping 26 grams of sugar. (Compare that to the much-maligned Twinkie's 19 grams.) When you consider that The American Heart Association recommends that women eat no more than 20 grams of sugar a day, you may be ready to make the switch to a different brand.
Find out which other top-selling yogurts are hiding staggering amounts of sugar under the guise of healthful snacking, over at The Huffington Post. (The Huffington Post)

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