Nail Art Grows Up: Check Out These Gorgeous, Velvet, Studded Nails

Nail art has certainly had its moment in the sun, but interest in bedecked digits seems to be waning. The rest of the world may be feeling meh about it, but we're not quite ready to say RIP to nail art. But, as much as we love tiny cats, bows, and Ryan Gosling faces, we find ourselves craving nail looks that are a little bit more scaled back, sophisticated...even edgy.
This, coupled with our new obsession with velvet-finish nails has made us giddy over a very clever look we recently came across. Created by the beauty geniuses at The Beauty Department, this black beauty is like a badass, studded cashmere sweater for your fingers (is it weird that we're really into that idea?).
The best part about this spot-on nail look? It's very, very simple to recreate (seriously, we were shocked). You simply apply velvet polish (or apply regular polish, sprinkle flocking powder on top, and brush off the excess with a makeup brush), then dot on the gold "studs" using the tip of a mechanical pencil dipped into a metallic shade. No artistry required, and hardly any extra time or effort needed beyond what you'd put into the standard home manicure.

So, why rock ho-hum red nails for Tgiving when you can show off your moxie (and beauty savvy) instead?
(The Beauty Department)

Photos: Via The Beauty Department