Taste The Rainbow — Or At Least Wear It On Your Nails

Can't get enough of all the bright colors popping up this spring? Neither can we, and that's why we're extra psyched that StrangeBeautiful is launching this ten-piece set of rainbow-hued polishes.
The collection is called Super Chroma, inspired by Professor Albert H. Munsell, who created a "rational way to describe color." Instead of using names, which Munsell believed was "foolish," he came up with a method involving numbers. Under his system, colors are also categorized by "chroma," or how saturated they are, so Super Chroma means especially pure in hue. (That's the most science we've willingly learned since high school biology, thankyouverymuch.)
But maybe making a colorful statement with your nails isn't really your thing. If you're looking for something a little more muted, try the Inept Laundress set. It's a follow-up to their dark and vampy Dickensian collection, but instead of 10 shades of black, this kit features 10 hues of "dirty white." What does that look like, you ask? Click on through to find out.
Image: Courtesy of LuckyScent
The set is based on the creator's inability to keep her white clothes totally stark through multiple washes. The subtle variations on a theme are unexpectedly sexy and obscenely chic — and our favorite excuse to wear white before Memorial Day. But are you intrigued? Would you drop money on ten oh-so-similar shades or are you hanging these whites out to dry?
StrangeBeautiful Super Chroma and Inept Laundress sets, $85 each, available at LuckyScent.
Image: Courtesy of LuckyScent

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