For Armory Week, The Naked Women In The Standard's Windows Will Be Neon Colored

Things get a little crazy around here when the art-school kids take over the town for Armory Week, and The Standard Hotel, no stranger to odd piece off interesting art, is no exception. For this week, they've brought in blacklight muralist Ryan McGinness to give some of their oh-so-famous-windows some naked women that, this time, aren't guests. As you can see, these lasses are also a bit more abstract than your average Standard occupant enjoying some publicly visible afternoon delight and, as the artist says, "capture the purely aesthetic experience of graceful curves and sensual forms”. Naturally, posters and cards of McGinness' artful nudes are available at The Standard's shop, so you can finally say you took home a naked lady you met at Le Bain. [The Standard Culture]

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