Stacy London's Dreamy Home Still Has A Junk Drawer

Taking a tour of Stacy London's home will make you want to pack your bags and move in immediately. Like her wardrobe, London wants to feel "beautiful and safe" in her surroundings; her design decisions — from tearing down walls to thoughtfully placed furniture and meaningfully curated objects — do just that. There aren't many staircases that will make you want to sit down and pick up a book, but London managed to turn a walkway into the coziest of reading nooks.
In the above episode of Open House, our own Christene Barberich, Co-Founder and Global Editor-In-Chief of Refinery29, takes us on an exclusive tour of London's stunning home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Yes, we even get to see London's ultimate sanctuary: her closet. After gleaning inspiration from her warm, inviting ambiance (and wishing she would start a home makeover show so she could come redecorate our apartments), we caught up with London to learn more about her space. From her most meaningful piece of furniture to her honest advice about making decor changes, the style icon shares her expert home tips, ahead.
What made you want to move in/buy your home in the first place?
"The space had almost NO load-bearing walls. So, I knew I was going to knock them all down!"
Where do you spend the most time in your home?
"I'd say I spend an even amount of time in the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom, and my dressing room."

It’s important to live in your space, move through it, and understand how you use it before trying to decorate the whole place.

Of all the gorgeous pieces of furniture we saw in the video, is there a piece that is most meaningful to you?
"I love my dining-room table. It’s an original Milo Baughman design from the 1970s. The striped wood and double leaf inserts make it special, and to find that piece in perfect condition makes it magical."
Your home is so beautifully curated and organized, do you have a junk drawer? How do you avoid clutter?
"I purge on the regular, but believe me, I have many junk drawers and cabinets full of crap. While I do continually try to get rid of stuff, sometimes it’s just easier to throw things where you can’t see them and pretend that stuff is not there for a while."
What was the most important lesson you learned from decorating your home?
"That it’s important to live in your space, move through it, and understand how you use it before trying to decorate the whole place."
Was there a room or space that was particularly challenging to design?
"The bedroom was tricky because I took so much space away from it by building the [custom] stairs. The [divider] was added for privacy, but it didn’t really feel right until I started putting lots of art on it!"
Do you have advice for someone who wants to make a major change to their space?
"I would say, think very, very hard before embarking on any actual renovation. There are lots of things that are decorative (and much less costly) that can make a huge difference, including just moving your furniture around for a fresh arrangement. If you DO decide to renovate, I highly recommend working with an architect to help realize your vision and a contractor who has been recommended by a few people you respect. Not for nothing, but sometimes, contractors can be sloppy — their workmanship cheap at best and downright criminal at worst. So, do your homework. Also, go in knowing the amount of time it will take to actually do the work; what it will cost will ultimately be longer and higher than you will be quoted at the beginning of any big renovation."
For young women out there trying to set up their first home, what's your biggest piece of advice?
"Like your wardrobe, fill your home with things you love and that spark joy, yes. But also, take your time and enjoy making all of the choices."

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