Spurr Fall/Winter '09—We Have Lift Off!

During yesterday's presentation of his fall 2009 collection, designer Simon Spurr, humbly remarked, "I don't know whether you'd call us an up-and-coming line or a young line." Either way you slice it, the momentum is picking up and Spurr's fall 2009 collection is a testament to the tightening of the label beyond the revamped logo. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the collection offered sharp masculine lines cut from traditional men's fabrics like twill, gingham, and double-faced cotton. With accents of raspberry and signature camel looks, the controlled color palette gave the collection a true sense of strength. Our favorite looks included a black cotton suit coated in latex to give it a deep-space feel, a raspberry bomber with a zip away lapel, the puffy down Odyssey Jacket, and an updated peacoat with a modernized off center-zip closure. The accessories offerings ballooned this season with a deerskin sports bag, cashmere scarves, and a leather driving glove. Spurr seems to be gearing up for a long fantastic voyage in the galaxy of luxe. Let's just hope this years economy is a bit friendlier than HAL.
spurr-fall-09-show-5On left: Liz Doupnik- fashion forecaster, WJSN;
spurr-fall-09-show-6On left: Julian Labagh- fashion assistant for stylist Lisa Von Weise; On right: Melissa Leung- publicist for FactoryNY

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