London’s Top Hairstylists Predict The Biggest Trends For Spring

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Whether you're a seasoned Pinterest pinner or have hundreds of saved photos on Instagram, chances are you're in the mood for a brand-new hairstyle this spring, which makes perfect sense: Well into the UK's third lockdown, this is the longest many of us have gone without a hair appointment. It's understandable that we're all pining for change.
Thankfully, the wait is almost over. On April 12, salons in London and across the UK will open their doors once again, and the industry's top experts are predicting tons of game-changing new haircut trends. There's a style to suit everyone, too, whether you're after a full-on hair transformation or something subtle.
Ahead, discover the biggest hair movements set to take spring by storm, according to the hair world's top professionals.
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The Italian Bob

All London's cool girls go to Nick Latham and Sean Nother, aka The Hair Bros, the brains behind the city's most effortlessly perfect hairstyles. While the French bob has reigned supreme (think a jawline-grazing cut and lots of volume), the Italian bob is taking over, and it's fast becoming Latham and Nother's trademark style.

"The Italian bob is a short bob that comes up slightly shorter around the front, almost to the lip area," says Latham. Taking the hair shorter here, he explains, gives the face a youthful lift. As you can see here, unlike its polished French counterpart, the Italian bob is a lot less structured and lends an undone sort of glamour. It looks great blow-dried, but Latham and Nother encourage embracing your natural texture with mousse or styling cream and leaving hair to air-dry.
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Extra Long Jumbo Braids

You can always count on Charlotte Mensah, award-winning hair artist and founder of her eponymous hair-care brand, to come through with the most show-stopping hair trends. "Extra long jumbo braids will be hot for spring and summer 2021," she says. "Thick, soft plaits will make sure all eyes are on you. Not only do they take less time to put in and take out, they's also the perfect canvas for showing off fashion accessories like rings, beads, and jewels."
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The Heavy Side Fringe

"We've had way more questions about side fringes in our Instagram DMs," says Latham. "Hairstylist Guido Palau created some great side fringes a few months ago, and they were slightly heavier than average — think Jane Birkin in the '60s." If you're not big on bang maintenance, a chunky cut like this will allow you to flip your hair to one side and fashion a faux side fringe that looks just as chic.
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The Shullet

Anita Rice and Stephen Buller, founders of Buller & Rice, are northeast London's most sought-after trendsetters. "We're still on the shag, but there's so much variation in this haircut," Rice says. "What we'll see is something between a mullet and a shag haircut, which we're calling the 'shullet.' It has some really cool, short face-framing layers, with much longer pieces hanging down by the shoulders."

Each layer of hair should be blended well, so it doesn't look like two haircuts in one. The shullet is actually easier to grow out, too, according to Buller, and looks great on curly hair.
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Fluffed-Out Textures

"With so many of us exploring and learning about our natural hair during lockdown, a lot more women will want to let their unique textures thrive in 2021," says Mensah, who champions "fluffed-out hair allowed to do its own thing." She suggests using a rich moisturizing conditioner to smooth and nourish your hair, and to use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush when styling. "A paddle brush helps untangle knots with ease. I recommend running the brush or wide-tooth comb through damp hair starting from the ends, working your way up to the roots to undo any snarls with minimum breakage," Mensah adds.
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The Pageboy Cut

Tom Warr, head educator at what is arguably London's most innovative and creative hair salon, Blue Tit, predicts that the pageboy cut will influence hair trends more and more. Think a bowl cut, but much more chic, with a vintage twist.

"This is another evolution of the shag, with the length shorter at the front and longer at the back, but much heavier," says Warr. "This look doesn't play on texture and movement; in fact, it's the opposite. It's all cut to its heaviest form to show the hair off and give it a silhouette." This beautiful style by American hair expert Brittan White is what to aim for.
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The Ultra Long Shag Cut

"This is a '70s and '80s throwback, and is almost inspired by Cher," says Rice. "Her staple was this amazing long, sleek hair with chunks cut out at the sides. It's a real mixture of '60s glamour with a cool edge and pieces of hair cut out around the jaw. It'll allow you to keep your new length, too." Take inspiration from this look, created by hairstylist April Christina Taylor at Blue Tit.
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The Curly Side Fringe

Side bangs are back in a big way and look especially great with curls, according to Mensah. "The '80s retro look will be a big hit this spring and through summer. The curly side fringe in particular adds a bit of a twist," she says.
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The Textured Full Fringe

Never out but never truly in, Rice predicts it might be time for the blunt fringe to make its comeback. The difference is in working in tons of texture so that it doesn't look too severe. Think accidentally perfect and lived-in, like this style created by Buller & Rice stylist Robert McPhilomey.
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The Outgrown '70s Fringe

"Maintaining a fringe is difficult," says Buller — but an outgrown '70s fringe (like this one styled by Hershesons hairstylist Jordan Garrett) is so easy, making it the ultimate style if you're interested in trying the curtain bangs trend but want to maintain length. "You can part it or use styling tongs or a hairdryer to flick it out at the sides," he says.
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The Curly Bob

You don't have to have poker-straight hair to rock a bob, and the trend is going absolutely nowhere fast. That said, the look is moving away from the blunt-cut vibe. "Bobs work well across all hair textures," says Mensah. Multiple layers will ensure the look isn't too heavy and has a little movement.
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The Made-To-Order Cut

Personalization is key to a cut that suits you, says Nother, so find a great hairdresser and let them do their thing.

"We ask people to wash their hair the night before or morning of their haircut, and let it air-dry," he says. "Then we dry cut, and that allows us to manipulate the hair. It's more like art rather than a robot going through the motions, and we can customize the style this way." It's also a great route to embracing your natural texture, Nother adds. "It might be a scary jump to ditch heat styling, but there's no harm having a blow-dry on the weekend with a personalized cut like this. It's so versatile."
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The Super Short Shag

"This has evolved from the mullet and shaggy shape: shorter at the front with more length at the back," says Warr. "Unlike the shag, though, this look moves into more of a solid, heavy finish. It's also a shorter look than the shag." While it might not be for the fainthearted, it's definitely one to try if you're after a big change and works especially well on curly hair.

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