These Spring Break Episodes Are Better Than The Real Thing

Photo: Fox/Photofest.
Ah, spring break. For so many of us, it simply meant sleeping in, channel-surfing with a family-sized bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos within reach, and loving every second of it. For TV characters and Kristin Cavallari, it's a Bacchanalian free-for-all when kids who can't even vote jet off to Cabo and do Jell-O shots while writhing around in hot tubs to the sounds of Pitbull. Apparently, that's supposed to be an upgrade.

If you've got the week off and need help convincing the folks to charter a jet bound for Daytona Beach for you and your pals, refer them to these TV shows, so they can see how spring break is really supposed to go down. Actually, don't. The trysts, pole-dancing, and cocktail-fueled carnage herein will probably work against you. Maybe just see if they'll buy your line about going on a church retreat in Cancun. Or perhaps you have a relative with a roomy house near the beach and a laissez-faire attitude toward parenting?

Let The O.C. and Laguna Beach be your inspiration. And remember: If TV has taught us anything, it's that what happens in Cabo definitely does not stay in Cabo.

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