9 Spiritual Moments People Experienced Nowhere Near A Church

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
When we asked millennials to define their spirituality this year, each answer was deeply personal. But one idea popped up quite a few times: Being spiritual means feeling like you're part of something larger than yourself, whether or not that "something" has to do with organized religion.
While some people grow up feeling this way, others who believe this may realize it later on. And sometimes, it comes down to a single moment, or a "spiritual awakening." So we took to Reddit to see how real people described their defining spiritual experiences, and the stories we found were as simple as they were poignant. Most notably? Many of them had nothing to do with a church or any religious institution. Whether they centered around nature, death, or, yes, hallucinogenic drugs, these moments were seemingly small, despite the meaning they added to people's lives.
Ahead, nine redditors share the moment they felt they were a part of something bigger. Feel free to share your own spiritual experiences in the comments.

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