This Gadget Solves Summer’s Warm Beer Problems

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Photo: Courtesy of SpinChill.
We've all been that person who shows up at a summer soirée with a warm six-pack, or a room temperature bottle of rosé. (I’ve had many an unfortunate experience at wine stores where none of the bottles in the refrigerated section are actually cold.) But, one fateful Friday morning, I found a SpinChill on my desk. The product is a Kickstarter success story that chills a warm can of beer in one minute and a bottle of wine in five. So, basically it solves our summertime, warm alcohol problems in five minutes or less. Here’s how it works: First, you attach the SpinChill device to a can (or bottle) of beer, or a bottle of wine. Then, place the warm alcohol container in a bucket of ice, and leave it to spin for the instructed time. You end up with a cold beverage, and are no longer the person who brought warm alcohol to a summer party. And, we know what you’re thinking — but no, the beer doesn’t explode after being spun. The only problem is that you need access to a cooler of ice for SpinChill to work, which is often already a scarcity at warm weather get-togethers. But, if you’ve got plenty of ice and don’t want to wait the normal amount of time for a brew to chill, then this gadget is the solution. They retail at $24.99 each, which, for reference, is approximately five six packs of PBR.

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