The Innovative New Sunscreens That Cut Your Skin-Care Routine In Half

In an age in which countless categories of skin care offer exceptional twofers (see: serum foundations, overnight masks, skin-nourishing makeup primers), is it enough for sunscreen to do just one job, protecting skin against UV rays and leaving it at that? In our opinion, no — and especially not when there's such a high demand for sunscreens that simply do more.
Luckily, the beauty industry is right there with us. Some of the newest SPFs build on our expectations for non-greasy, non-chalky sun protection by offering formulations with serum-like benefits built right in, to help fade dark spots, offer DNA repair, hydrate skin, and more.
That old idea of layering essences and serums and moisturizers onto skin before busting out the SPF? It’s becoming a little less vital, thanks to the latest iterations. The best options for your skin type, along with tips from New York-based cosmetic dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, and Los Angeles-based dermatologist Ronald Moy, MD, ahead.

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