Sofia Coppola Wins At The Venice Film Festival In Vuitton

Congratulations are in order for Sofia Coppola, who has won the Venice Film Festival's prestigious Golden Lion award for her new movie Somewhere. The film stars Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. Quentin Tarantino, who was the head of the jury, had nothing but praise for Coppola's newest flick, and said the vote was totally unanimous. When interviewed after her big win, Sofia said she was inspired by Shampoo, American Gigolo, and the films of Jean Luc Godard, and that she hoped this was a victory for small independent personal films—"not in 3D." Something we wouldn't mind seeing in 3D is her gorgeous Louis Vuitton dress. The strapless floral frock is girly without being fussy, and should win some kind of golden award, too, if you ask us. (Bloomberg)

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