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So, How’s It Really?: I Tried The Viral Disco Brow Trend

Welcome to Refinery29’s So, How Is It Really? where we take a look at all of the topics that have the internet talking. In studying them up close, we answer the question of what it’s really like to try out a trend, a viral product, or an unexpected TikTok hack.
Because I <3 eyebrows, you bet I’m all over BrowTok, or the eyebrow-obsessed sector of TikTok. The algorithm knows what it’s doing, and in this case, it knew exactly what to do for my little eyeballs. So when I heard the term “disco brows”, the version of myself who wants to sparkle and be Donna Summer at all times started screaming. And screaming loud. I needed to do this, and I needed to do this yesterday.
As a victim of the ‘90s, caring for my eyebrows was, and is, very important to my mother. Luckily for her, I decided not to rebel like a teenager but instead recognized that she was very, very right re: my eyebrows. And that’s because, not to brag or anything, but I have great eyebrows. Due to a near-compulsive obsession with Brooke Shields’ 1980s eyebrows, I take my eyebrows very, very seriously. A tint and tweeze every two months (thanks to the grand work of eyebrow specialists like Azi Sacks and Joey Healy), brow gel only, and DO NOT TOUCH THEM YOURSELF, AMANDA. (I learned that lesson in quarantine very hard. I don’t want to talk about it.)
“The Disco Brow is celebrating life during this crazy time. With COVID and being shut in, shut down, and shut off from one another, I feel like we're ready to go out and party,“ Healy told me. “It’s like the cocktail dress for your brows.” I love anything that involves a cocktail, whether it’s a party, or a dress, or a shrimp, so a cocktail party on my face? Sign me up.
Amanda Mitchell
I felt myself being extremely inspired, so I went to work with creating the disco brows of my 1970s dreams. The TikTok girlies used eyeshadows and creams and all kinds of things to create their disco brows, but I actually had products that were designed to be used all over the place, including and especially the brows.
I set my brows using a clear wax from Patrick Ta, and then mixed the TooD Beauty Color Creams in Push/Pull, a gorgeous turquoise-silvery blue, and Brother/Sister, an iridescent blue/purple to create my disco brows. They were fun! They were playful! They were a… little out of this world. Because I lack chill and Kylie Minogue said Your Disco Needs You, and I listen to whatever the hell The Original Kylie tells me to do, my disco wasn’t giving full disco. At most, it was giving “fun party you won’t talk about again.” But I wanted disco. Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights-level disco, and just the color creams alone weren’t doing that.
So I pulled out the glitter. Because of course I did. 
I topped off the brows with a bit of TooD Beauty’s Bioglitter in Moonstone, a true teal glitter, as they’re also creamy and I am not dealing with flakes of glitter falling onto my eyelashes all day. I did the rest of my face, taking the same approach to my eyebrows as I would with a bold lip and keeping the rest of my face extremely neutral. I thought I looked fly! People were into it on Instagram, with one of my friends commenting that I may be the only person she knows that could pull off a disco brow, which is the highest compliment. 
Amanda Mitchell
Truly, the only issue that came up was forgetting my eyebrows were blue and wondering why I was getting the stink eye from confused strangers on the street. I definitely caught at least one or two people commenting on them on the subway, not to mention the crowd wranglers at Collina Strada’s presentation somehow magically just knew I was their audience and came to point me in the right direction. 
But regardless, disco brows? Yeah, I’m into them. Maybe not a regular, everyday thing, but there’s nothing I like as much as finding a new, creative way to change up my makeup routine. Wanna disco? Wanna see me disco? Yeah, I do, especially if it’s all over my eyebrows. 
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