Marissa Mayer Trashes Yahoo’s Music, ’90s Rapper Snow Poses A Spiffy Solution

Let’s be real here, no one likes hanging out on hold, but if there are tolerable tunes blasting in the background, it’s not so awful. But, really, when does that ever happen? Light-listening jams by the likes of Michael Bolton or Norah Jones litter the airwaves, making for a gut-wrenching waiting time. Insult to injury, anyone?
Well, according to the NY Post it looks like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer feels the same way about on-hold jams — especially Yahoo's sound selections. Yep, she supposedly can’t stand the atrocious music the tech company supplies and was recently caught trashing the mundane melodies, calling them “garbage” (ouch!), and advised her team to fix it, pronto.
Luckily, the quick-thinking team at Jingle Punks chimed in with a solution. It tapped ‘90s one-hit wonder Snow (yes, of "Informer" fame) to provide his signature reggaeton raps to spice things up a bit. We’re not sure how this could possibly be better, but hey, it's definitely more entertaining in a weird, why-do-I-inexplicably-like-this kind of way. Its catchy, tech-centric lyrics and not-so-terrible beats are nothing to scoff at, guys. Call us crazy, but we think Snow is due for a much-belated comeback, and this song may just be the ticket back to the top. Have a quick listen and tell us if you think more companies should have a Snow-themed sing-a-long. (NY Post)

Video: Via NY Post, Photo: Via IMDb


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