Sneak Peek: The New Sartorialist Book Is Everything We Thought It Would Be…And More!

the-sartorialist-book-cover-juliaOne of our editors popped into the Strand yesterday, and by a stroke of total random luck, happened upon a cast-off advance copy of Scott Schuman's new book The Sartorialist. As you know, like most of you we are big big fans of Scott's. And having had a chance to peruse this dense little tome's beautiful pages, we have this to say: It's not only inspirational to look at, it's a great read, too. Scott eloquently translates through the lens of his camera why great style is so magical and so elusive—it's in the details, but, as he points out, it's also in the flaws and the little twists that expose what's inside a subject as opposed to just the outside. Go ahead and poo-poo my gushing, but once you have this little treasure in your hands, you'll just KNOW what we're talking about. And about that funny little How to Get Shot By the Sartorialist story we did last week...if you're curious, here's a breakdown of how many times those ever-present Sartorialist signatures turn up. Not that it matters. This book is still total perfection anyway.
Total Pages: 512
Old, rich Europeans: 47
Quirky hats: 52 (including one lampshade masquerading as a hat)
Photos of Garance Doré: 2
Photos of Giovanna Battalia: 10
Scarves: 90
Bikes: 9
Cigarettes: 46
Women in blazers and/or suits: 19
Models: 19
Short pants: 31
Men in heels: 1

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