Say What? Is Snail Slime The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

While the rest of us are still catching up with things like the BB Cream craze, some in-the-know beauty peeps are already tackling the next big thing — and believe us when we say that they’re snail-ing it. Top-selling Korean skin care brands claim that the gooey trail left behind by these mollusks is the next big breakthrough in skin care. And all this time we just thought they were gross dilly-dalliers. Who knew?
But, apparently snail slime is rich in protein, glycolic acid, and elastin — aiding in skin regeneration, healing cuts, fighting off infections, and even combating pesky UV rays. Wowza, that’s some magical stuff! Snail creams (like this one from Missha) are definitely a new and unique option for people looking to reduce acne scars, soothe sunburns, moisturize, and strengthen their skin, but we can't get over the fact it comes from the slowpoke slugs that patrol the ground. Oh, and in case you’re wondering — yes, Korean BB Cream manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, and started peddling new-and-improved versions of the miracle cream, which include this residue in the mix.
What do you think of this sticky new trend? Are you ready to get slimey in the name of beauty, or is this just craze-y gross?

Photo: Via Missha

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