21 Nostalgia-Inducing Childhood Snacks That Will Taste Just As Good Today

Things always seemed bigger and better when we were kids. Maybe it's just because we were physically smaller and had less fiscal responsibilities — or, maybe it's because instead of designated lunch breaks, we had highly-anticipated snack times. Snack time in elementary school was just as official as the lunch hour we now honor within our adult workdays, only much more fun. Although it usually clocked in at just about 15 minutes long, it was a legendary time due largely to the serious snack heat our lunch boxes were packing.
From pouches of Fruit Gushers (that your friend with the "cool mom" always brought), to covetable boxes of chocolatey Yoo-Hoo, dependable pudding Snack Packs, and pouches of Capri Sun's sweet, sweet nectar, the snack time menu of yore is much better than that sad desk salad you just stuck a fork in. But the good news is, most all of these beloved brands still exist (thankfully, they didn't die along with your Tamagotchi). Join us in bringing snack time back with the childhood grub ahead, all of which you can easily order in bulk online. We'll be here on a bean bag, lava lamp pumping, with a fresh Pizza + Treatza Lunchable cracked.
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