Watch 3 R29 Snack Monsters Get A Nutrition Makeover

Where did the nine-to-five job go?
It seems that nowadays, we all seem to eat, sleep, and breathe work — which might be good for our resumes, but not so great for our waistlines. The lunch hour of yore has been replaced with regular back-to-back meetings, and that means that healthy eating often falls to the bottom of our to-do lists.
Between our all-day snacking, habit to indulge in sweets, and tendency to rely on convenience foods in a pinch, a few of our staffers were in need of a nutrition intervention. To help us get on the right track (despite our ever-crazy schedules), we called in Sharon Richter, a registered dietitian working with Kind Healthy Snacks, who raided our office, pointed out our gastronomic faults, and kindly steered us in the right direction. Tune in to see how our staffers measured up, and let us know — what's your healthy eating challenge?
Video by Jack Pearce and Nora De Broder, produced by Katie Lincoln, photographed by Sarah Balch.

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