Solve Your Small Kitchen Woes With These 14 Clever Buys

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Ah, how does the saying go again? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Or is it too many stray utensils, plates, cookware, and spices overwhelming our small-space scullery? Our memories (and our countertops) need a major refresh — but if you resonate more with the latter, you're actually in luck: We've found the internet's best compact kitchen organization products that eradicate that unwanted clutter with ease.
If your daily Gordon Ramsey cosplays have been feeling a little cramped recently, your kitchen probably craves a couple of utensil hooks or a mini cart to clear some surface area. Or perhaps a $14 fruit hammock is your ticket to a stress-free countertop? Whatever the reason, you can rest easy knowing that where there's a small-space problem, there's a small-space storage solution ready to heal those eye sores. Scroll on for 13 bestselling buys that we think do the kitchen-organization trick below.

Small-Space Kitchen Organizers

Mounted, under-cabinet gadgets are the undercover cops of the kitchen. Countertop organizers, on the other hand, bask in the spotlight. Whether you need some inconspicuous hooks and holders to stash away essentials or are looking for some functional decor, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and Food52 have you covered.

Small-Space Kitchen Storage

You'd think adding a rolling cart steals even more kitchen surface area from your small space...and it does. The secret is in the wheels. Step one: Head to West Elm, Wayfair, Amazon, or HomeGoods for all kinds of top-tier mobile storage. Step two: Fill your new buy to the brim with go-to goods. Step three: Roll it away. Voila! Ample wiggle room. Now you see it, now you don't.

Small-Space Food Storage & Racks

While counters were made to uplift your prized wines, groceries, and pans, your shopping hauls deserve better, loving homes. May we suggest an R29 reader-favorite pot organizer, Urban Outfitters' space-optimizing refrigerator rack, or Anthropologie's dashing wine holder? Of course, we'd never forget to mention this adorable mini hammock that one Amazon reviewer deems "a wonderful addition to [her] kitchen décor" and "the perfect solution for storing [her] bananas..."
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