This 11-Foot-Wide House Is Basically A Hallway

When it comes to small-space interiors, Japan wins the gold for innovation. The latest design accomplishment that caught our eye? An 11-foot-wide home in Osaka that's basically a glorified hallway. The sleek handiwork of architect Yoshihiro Yamamoto is seen in the three-story apartment wedged between two older buildings in the bustling city central, creating a modern livable space where there was once an empty alley. While the narrow walls seem reminiscent of a freight transport box (or the nightmare train from Snowpiercer), the natural light from the street-facing windows and the grated stairs lend an airy atmosphere to the space, making the tiny quarters feel a little less claustrophobic. The natural wood floors and a small-space garden terrace are just icing on the cake. Click over to ArchDaily for a closer look at this mini home, and then check out the ultimate tiny interior — an 86-square-foot apartment in Paris.