5 Must-Have Items To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space

We all know living in the city has its perks: the incredible fashion shops, trendy hotspots, phenomenal museums and myriad of unbelievable (and ever-changing) restaurants add up to a creative paradise all within walking (okay, cabbing) distance of your space. The major issue for most of us? Tight, tiny apartments in which we have to fit and display all our worldly possessions — including ourselves!
It's a pain, we know. After all, where are we supposed to store all those fashion finds we hunt down in the city's best shops, anyway?
Well, these next five furnishing staples are just the thing to utilize the space you do have. Think carefully curated, multi-use pieces. After all, choosing the perfect sofa is like choosing the perfect pair of skinny jeans; use the same shopping methods for your apartment will not only keep your budget in check, but will also leave you with a super-chic space filled only with items you love.

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