Things You Need: Fluffy Cloud Face Cream

Doesn't "Cloud Cream" sound like something you would want to dip your face in? I have visions of cotton candy fluff caressing my dry, flaky skin. While this cream doesn't quite have that puffy kitten-fur texture, it does do a damn good job of hydrating and handling your skin with kid gloves. Let's rewind for a second and get some context. As anyone who has suffered through a brutal winter knows (Chicago, Minneapolis, and Boston, I'm looking at you), your skin was not made to endure Arctic temperatures, gusty winds, and a radiator from hell. Dryness, redness, flakiness, and all-around painfully chapped complexions are just the crappy reality for a lot of us. And these issues can make your skin-care routine null and void — or worse, make it suddenly cause burning and stinging. It's the ultimate skin-care catch-22 — you desperately need moisture, but everything you apply just sits on top of your skin scales while simultaneously stinging your face and exacerbating the problem. I find myself frustrated by this vexing issue every damn winter. I tried everything from slathering my face in petroleum jelly (do not recommend — the resulting clogged pores are so not worth it) to rocking and sobbing in my bathroom. In an act of desperation, I cleaned out the beauty closet of every single lotion and cream. Perks of being a beauty editor. After a week of trying fancy creams, holistic butters, and good 'ol drugstore remedies, I finally stumbled upon my savior — Skyn Iceland's Pure Cloud Cream. Made wth almond oil, oats, and peptides, plus an Icelandic ingredient blend made up of arctic berries and glacial water, the contents of this unassuming jar were the answer to all my winter skin woes. The first test was the sting test. My visage had become so sensitive, a slight breeze made me cringe in pain. I tentatively applied a layer of cream and immediately cringed as I felt an uncomfortable tingle around my flaked-up nose. And then: sweet, sweet, cooling relief. The tingle subsided and my skin felt as if someone had laid a satin pillowcase over it. Test number two: Can it penetrate my scales to absorb into my skin and have an actual benefit? The cream took a bit of smoothing on, but my rough skin started to soften up and let it soak in instead of laying uselessly on top like so many others I had tried. Test number three: Was the scent going to make me nauseous? I'm a sensitive sniffer prone to migraines, so the wrong scent or an overpowering aroma can set me off in a matter of minutes. While Cloud Cream isn't unscented, the fresh, slightly citrusy scent was light and inoffensive. Let's just say I hauled all those other creams back to the office — I knew I wouldn't be needing them anymore. The minute the temperature starts to drop (or I overdo it on the retinol), I reach for this. Nothing else has been able to soothe, soften, and all-around comfort my irritated skin as well. It's basically a cashmere blanket for your face. Or, at least what I would imagine a cashmere blanket would feel like — I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow, so my blanket textiles are limited to polyester "fur" and some warm but scratchy knit afghans my grandma made for me when I was 12. But you get my drift. Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream, $55, available at Skyn Iceland.

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