Be Honest: Would You Ever Work Out In A Skirt?

Even if the gym is total foreign territory to you, it's safe to assume that appropriate workout clothes are something we can all understand: loose-fit tops, stretchy leggings, sports bras, get it. But would you ever slip into a skirt to break a sweat (off the tennis court, that is)?
Launching this week, Brooklyn-based Attica is introducing a collection of flirty skirts with built-in shorts that are gym-ready. At first glance, the short, frilly hems and bright shades read more child's tutu than gym gear. However, from the looks of the model who wears them, these skirts might actually mean business — like, really sweaty business. Let's face it, it can be hard enough to schedule regular gym time, so it's probably best not to nitpick on one's athletic attire. But, with the exception of women's sports that involve skirts in their uniforms, would you ever really wear a skirt to work out?
Photo: Courtesy of Attica

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