The Ultimate Guide To Oil & Your Skin

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "oil?" It’s weighed down with many different connotations, both positive and negative: There's a fine line between oily and greasy, you know? We’ve got oil for energy, oil for cooking, and now, like many cultures way before us, we've finally wrapped our heads around the idea of oil as skin care — even for those with oily skin.
Predictably so, as soon as oil lost its gross-for-your-skin stigma stateside, a plethora of products began to flood the market. We’ve got different kinds and different blends — it’s a lot to absorb. So, we reached out to oil expert, founder, and CEO of Uma Oils Shrankhla Holecek for a quick Oil 101 lesson.

Carrier oils (think: coconut, argan, jojoba) are the big guns, so today, we’re focusing on them. They have strong penetrative abilities that make them super-effective on their own, as well as allow them to
carry botanically derived essential oils (think: lavender, peppermint, amber) into the skin. They are usually cold-pressed from fruits and nuts (essential oils are distilled from leaves, bark, and roots), and each has unique benefits for the skin.
Here, we take a look at some of the major (and soon-to-be major) players in the carrier-oil game, who and what they work best for, and most importantly: their ultimate superpowers. Check out our favorite oil products — some 100% pure, and some blends.   

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