How To Replace Your Makeup With Skin Care

If this season's no-makeup makeup obsession is any indication, then bare, yet clear faces are not just desirable — they're downright trendy. But, what if you (like most of us) don't have the skin to get in on the whole fresh-and-flawless thing?
Sure, you could hone your foundation skills and learn how to cover up on the sly. But, in the long run, it's more beneficial to go straight to super effective skin care. And, technologies have become so advanced that you can replace your base with lotions and potions to fake a flawless visage — while improving your skin.
To find out how to pull this off, we talked to Fionagh Cush, a film and TV makeup artist. "Now, more than ever, the movie industry is looking for no-makeup looks," she explains. Fashion, is, too: Just think of the bare faces at marquee runway shows like Marc Jacobs. But, she adds, this may not work for us mere mortals: "They got away with that because the models had such heavy bangs." Don't have fringe? Cush says you should play up your brows and lashes — and even suggests getting your arches tinted so you don't have to worry about them every day. (We're clearly fans of this option.)
So, if you're game to wear nothing but mascara, read on for products that blur, brighten, and tighten — while letting your skin shine through.

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