Your Guide To 6 Common Skin Concerns & How To Treat Them

Adulting may get a bad rap in memes, but in practice, it’s one of the best things ever. Take exhibits A through C, to start: We call the shots — whether that means eating popcorn for dinner, dousing our living room in hot-pink paint, or, after years of trial and error, finally landing on a skin-care routine that works. But that grown-up life also means that when the random bout of redness, flakiness, or hyperpigmentation pops up, we’re often caught off guard and underprepared. Exactly where did these skin woes come from (did the popcorn-for-dinner thing have something to do with it?), and — more importantly — what can we do to walk them back?
For answers, we turned to New York-based dermatologists Sejal Shah and Dendy Engelman. They offered up some expert advice on how to take down various skin concerns — from zits and acne (acne-fighting retinoid Differin Acne Gel Treatment can help) to sudden skin sensitivity (for which botanicals are a blessing). The best part? Not a single one of their fixes requires a prescription. Ahead, get their tips for how to maintain radiant skin, no matter what kind of complexion-messing curveball comes your way.

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