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So, You’re Seeing Someone New — Here’s What To Get Them For The Holidays

You know how sometimes, you’re dating someone but you’re not dating someone? Sure, you go on dates, you keep a toothbrush at their apartment, you co-habited during a global pandemic — but be warned: In 2021, these things do not a relationship make. 
In our current dating landscape, nobody’s your romantic partner until you say they are, goddamn it. In between a first encounter and a full-blown capital R Relationship, there are any number of other buckets you might find yourself in. And if you’re having trouble determining what in the Sam Hill is going on between you and your whatever-they-are, odds are you're in A Situationship. 
Broadly speaking, a situationship is — shockingly enough — a situational relationship. You have not yet DTR-ed (Defined The Relationship), but something is happening. With that said, the dipping-your-toes stage of intimacy doesn't exactly lend itself well to the holiday season. Do you introduce this person to your visiting family members? Are you supposed to spend New Year's together? And what on earth are you supposed to gift them?!
Well, we can’t answer even a single one of your lingering questions about the nature of your not-quite-counterpart, but on the gifting front, we can offer our services. 'Tis the season for showing love (or the potential for love) with treats, trinkets, and acts of kindness. And you need not gift your person a sports car just to show them that you care. That's why we partnered with Target to help you navigate the joyful, awkward nuances of holiday gifting when you're dating someone new. Ahead, shop the absolute best, appropriately non-committal (but still affectionate!) gifts on the market. 

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