7 Reasons This London Food Trend Is Here To Stay

Here's the scenario: You ooh and ahh over a menu ("What are you having? Come back to me last!") only to spend the rest of the meal eyeing up everyone else's food with a serious case of menu envy. Sound familiar? Thankfully, ordering is easy at the flurry of new single-dish restaurants now open in London. At these locations, the kitchen focuses on doing just one thing — really well.

The trend for pared-down menus started a few years ago with dual-dish restaurants that served anything from burgers and lobsters to hot dogs and champagne to chicken and steak. Then, two became one, and a crop of mono-eateries opened, eliminating major mealtime choices entirely. Some dismissed it as a passing fad, but this latest round of niche restaurants is proof that, sometimes, less really is more.

Read on to find seven London restaurants where deciding what to eat is super-simple. (Now, you just have to decide which one to try first.)

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