This Silica Gel Hack Just Changed Our Lives

You know those little annoying silica gel bags that somehow sneak their way from shoeboxes onto the floors of your home? Well, up until now, we had no idea what the point of them was or that they had any additional uses. But, according to this genius Business Insider video, they are kind of a game changer.
Apparently, they have multiple uses, including preventing mold or bacteria from growing, saving old photos, defogging car windows, and extending the life of razor blades. But, perhaps the most precious fix? Saving your iPhone from water damage. Because, we all know how anxiety-inducing dropping your phone in a pool of liquid can be. Just place your wet phone in a jar with a few of these babies and it might be a good as new. How it works? These mini packets contain silicon dioxide, which dries out anything around it. Take a look at the video above and get ready to never view these bags the same way again. Now excuse us, we've got some collecting to do.

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