Thanks To This Cooling, Plant-Based Comforter, I Can’t Wait For Summer

News flash: almost no one likes it hot — especially when it comes to sleep. Call it a bold assumption, but the ample amount of cooling sheets, breathable bedding sets, and icy gel pillows currently available on the home goods market is undeniable proof that we’re all chasing lower temperatures. And, with so many retailers' temp-controlling products swirling around the internet, the simple question for hot sleepers across the globe is: which ones actually work? My specific, confident answer is the Eucalyptus Lightweight Comforter from the sustainable and blissfully simple textile brand Sijo.
This comforter, without a doubt, took me by surprise. Upon unearthing the 100% TENCEL Lyocell, eucalyptus-infused blanket from its lovely reusable zip-up bag packaging, I immediately took note of its thin composition. My internal monologue went from "Will this actually provide chill snoozes?" to "Is this even capable of keeping a human being warm?" I needed to know first-hand if Sijo's mystifyingly soft yet unmistakably thin duvet insert deserved a permanent spot inside my tried-and-true Quince linen duvet cover. After a few months of silly dreams, a few nightmares, and the occasional visit from my sleep paralysis demon beneath my new comforter, I finally found out the truth.
Photo Courtesy Of: Alexandra Polk
The comforter fresh out of the package.

Really great duvet! Very lightweight material and cooling, but feels heavy like a weighted blanket.

CAssidy k., Sijo Reviewer

The Feel & Materials

Photo Courtesy Of: Alexandra Polk
The inside of my Eucalyptus Lightweight Comforter.
Have you ever felt something so soft that it could be mistaken for liquid? That's the best way to describe the luxe, silky smooth exterior of this cooling comforter. It's also compact and has a nice weight to it — rather than heavy, it feels as though you sucked all the unnecessary air out of your average cotton candy-level fluffy comforter.
But what matters is the interior. Sijo’s blankie is filled with TENCEL lyocell fiber made from a blend of sustainably farmed eucalyptus and other wood sources. The Australia-native plant of the hour, eucalyptus contains menthol which "helps the body feel cooler," according to the longtime aromatherapy database AromaWeb. Lyocell — made from sustainable wood pulp — is breathable, hypo-allergenic, and OKEO-TEX certified. Combine the two, add a few stitches, and boom: The brand’s oh-so-cool comforter is born.

Throughout the night my toes were warm, but my spine stayed chilled, and I woke up fully snuggled beneath the covers as though we were one.

alexandra polk

The Sleep

Photo Courtesy Of: Alexandra Polk
The comforter atop my bed.
The same way some have combination skin, I'm a combination sleeper. On a bad night, my toes are frozen but my back is sweaty and I wake up with furrowed brows. So I was excited to potentially notice an improvement in my slumber once I popped the comforter into my duvet cover. Due to its slender build, my bedding now had a relaxed, lived-in fit as opposed to a grand, bubbly blanket look — which I loved.
Throughout the night my toes were warm, but my spine stayed chilled, and I woke up fully snuggled beneath the covers as though we were one. If that's too dramatic, just know I achieved that fuzzy "don't make me get out of bed" nirvana temperature when I woke. Neither of my legs was sprawled out nor were blankets strewn across the floor out of sleepy frustration. It was Goldilocks-level sleep — just right.

The Verdict

This comforter is deemed luxurious for a reason. It reminds me of those thin thermal jackets that keep you warm because of [insert science here]. The materials don't trap in overwhelming amounts of heat, and my covers weren't at all finicky when I shifted beneath them throughout the night. Plus, although I'm not an all-over hot sleeper, I was so impressed by the overall temperature control. I would emphatically recommend this coverlet for couples whose sleep temperatures do not align. In sum, Sijo's Eucalyptus Lightweight Comforter is the definition of a crowd-pleaser. And yes, it still lays atop my bed to this day.
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