Spa Day For The Sickly: How To Look Good When You Feel Like Shit

When you're sick, there's nothing more you want to do than sit on your couch, Popsicle in hand, watching episode after episode of Friends on Netflix and pondering why anyone thought '90s brows looked good. In short, you don't want to do a damn thing. And, that's okay — we're firm believers in the "if you feel sick, stay home" mantra.
But, while you're moping about — sniffling, coughing, and lamenting your inability to breathe without sounding like an overheated French bulldog — you might as well do yourself a solid and attempt to alleviate your suffering with something other than giant doses of DayQuil. Yes, we're talking about a sick-day spa.
The beauty world is rife with treatments and potions that can help you deal with snuffles, achiness, chills, and fevers. Additionally, many of these products have beautifying benefits, so that when you do end up going back to work, you can look like a functioning human being — which will hopefully keep all those concern-trolling "wow, you look like you don't feel well" comments to a minimum.
We've gathered the best beauty products to treat yo' sick self with when you're stuck at home with a cold, flu, or — let's be honest — massive hangover. Add these buys to your at-home arsenal so that when the next virus outbreak sweeps through your office, you'll be prepared. And then, you can contemplate Courteney Cox's flashback brows with a clearer mind.

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