6 Women Share How Much Their Shower Routines Really Cost

Showers are like the last bastion of calm in our lives. Just think of all the things you’re not doing when you’re sudsing up: mindlessly scrolling through a stranger’s Instagram, fielding a text from your friend who just got back together with her worst ex, getting worked up over a passive-aggressive email from your coworker. Depending on your routine, it’s anywhere from five minutes to half an hour during which you can completely zone out and get zen. And of course, a shower wouldn’t be complete without the products that make up this sacred, all-about-you time.
From cleaners to shampoos, our shower products can convey a lot about ourselves, like our favorite scents, hair-color habits, and the parts of our bodies we choose to give a little extra TLC — and inevitably, these routines can add up. That’s why we teamed up with Vagisil to ask six women to break down every product that goes into their shower routines, as well as the overall cost. Click through to find out what they swear by.

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