Show Sweden Some Love and Win A Pair of Shades!

Clogs, Acne, The Cardigans... Sweden's given us tons of stuff to lust after, and now it's time to give back! Swedish label The Local Firm is holding a contest via Seattle's men's clothing store Blackbird to win a pair of their awesome shades, and they want to know what you love most about the Nordic country. Write a poem, compose a song, make a Youtube video, paint a picture... The options are endless. But, make sure your ode abides by their two golden rules: Keep written entries to under 500 words, and no full-frontal, please. All entries must be submitted to by midnight Pacific Standard Time on 17 May, Norway's national holiday. The first prize will be a pair of the winner's choice sunglasses as well as a scrumptious dish of Swedish treats. The runner-up will win the second pair of glasses, and both of the two best entries will be displayed on the Blackbird blog. So hej då and good luck!

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