Malaysian Dating Site Offers Dude-Approved Accessories (Shoes Come Free With Man!)

Here's a story for the grandkids: Nana and Pop Pop met over a pair of neon-blue peep-toe platforms and it was love at first sight, and then Pop Pop bought Nana — for the cost of a pair of shoes. In this twist on the classic Cinderella story, one Malaysian shoe company has taken to the web to match single men with the woman of their dreams based solely on their choice in footwear.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (yes, they do sell shoes) seems to have decided that online dating in Malaysia wasn't properly serving the market for single women who love shoes, and love men who love shoes, and love to buy shoes for the women they love. In layman's: In this online dating forum your potential BF selects a few pairs he wants to see you wear and when you shop those same pair at Shoes, Shoes, Shoes — voila! — love connection. You head on a date with Mr. Right, and if this is truly a match made in shoe-fetish heaven, he'll pick up all (or part of) the check — shoes, included.
To be fair, dating — online or elsewhere — is not easy, and Shoes (x3) may be able to actually create a common bond between two potential lovers. On the other hand, this could just be a cheap ploy to get dudes to pay for your shopping habits in exchange for dates. In that case, this love story is no more than Pretty Woman, without the Cinderella ending. (Huffington Post)
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Photo: Via Huffington Post

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