Shoe Stalking! We’ve Got More Photos of the Heels of Your Dreams

With Fashion Week's end quickly approaching, we're savoring these shoe shots even more than ever as fashion's finest will pack up their toe-traps and opt for something that's a little more foot-friendly. Until then, we've got some stunners for you below. Didn't get your fill? Have you seen our past editions?
Above: Bunny Bisous blogger Julia Frakes platforms paired with fantastical tights. Photo by Heather Kramer.
Above: Style blogger Taghrid Chaaban's leopard print Topshop wedges. Photo by Piera Gelardi.
Above: Street style photographer Tamu McPherson's Phi boots outside the tents. Photo by Piera Gelardi
Above: Blue shoes and chartreuse nails spotted at Patrick Ervell. Photo by Heather Kramer.
Above: A congregation of great shoes outside of Exit Art. Photo by Ashley Jahnke.
Above: A tattooed foot in sparkly Louboutins at Jeremy Laing. Photo by Ashley Jahnke.
Above: A model's abandoned boots at Jeremy Laing. Photo by Ashley Jahnke.