DKNY and Thomas Pink Team Up On A Line Of Classic Tailored Shirts

As much as we're always on the lookout for that new new when it comes to fashion, there's a lot to be said for timeless, well-designed basics. Donna Karan seems to be feeling our sentiment this fall; DKNY is collaborating with renowned London shirtmakers Thomas Pink on a limited edition capsule collection of tailored womens' shirts. The collection, which brings together the expertise and heritage of Britain's shirtmaking traditions and DNKY's thoroughly modern aesthetic, consists of three styles: the cotton stretch pin-tucked tuxedo shirt, which adds a touch of refinement to any ensemble; the traditional button-down, a tried-and-true classic with an updated fit; and the cotton stretch loose-fit shirt, a more casual version of the traditional button-down. We're particularly impressed with the collection's fusing of each house's distinct fashion philosophy and the styles of the cities from which they hail. We've got our fair share of button-downs in our closets, but the quality and sophisticated look of this line have us thinking we can definitely make room for a few more. Hey, you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

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