Shiny, Sparkly Instagram Gifts For the Magpies In Your Life

If you didn't spend the entire year indoors, then you at least spent most of your non-working hours inside. In any case, your windows became vitally important — providing you with fresh air, ambient noise, breezes, and sunlight to help you simulate being outside. The last of these, sunlight, became one of 2020's most significant decor trends. In the absence of huge windows, people turned to the kind of all-white or beige interiors that best reflect light. We want light however we can get it. At night we're taken care of by our LED lights, but during the day we want to dot our personal spaces with as many reflective, shiny, sparkly surfaces as possible.
All over Instagram — amid a sea of pastel candles and squiggly rugs — we saw all kinds of sparkly goods. This is where things like ashtrays, key trays, candlesticks, and all kinds of high-gloss glassware come in to play. Additionally, we're wearing just as many sparkly things — rings, bracelets, and lipgloss — to add cheer when we look down on our keyboards or look up into a Zoom meeting. Like magpies, we've placed a premium on anything that reflects light.
Any very-online person in your life would appreciate you gifting them something to help bridge their online and IRL lives. For unique (and more affordable) finds, first look to your local thrift shop's kitchenware section where some of the best glassy finds await. But if social distancing or other circumstances stand in your way, read on for some glossy, sparkly finds from across the internet.
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