Miami Has The Most Sex In The U.S.A., The Bay Area? Not So Much

Sex. Americans have it. And, now, we know how much. Revelatory stats released today by Trojan show which cities are doing it, how often, and how good the "it" tends to be. While outlets are reporting that New York tops the list (it doesn't), the city that never sleeps certainly gets its time in between the sheets. In fact, Big Apple residents are clocking in a solid average of 156 times a year (that's about three times a week). Not bad for all us overworked Metro residents.
But we really ought to give it up for the South, with Miami and Atlanta taking the top-sex tier in the country for having the most sex each year. Atlanta counts itself as having the highest rate of sexual satisfaction, while Miami residents do it the most and cite themselves as being the most adventurous.
The Midwest, it appears, identifies itself as the most freaky (even if they aren't actually doing the deed with the regularity of their Southern counterparts). And the Bay Area? Well, it appears Californians have the lowest incidents of faked orgasms and a high percentage of sexual satisfaction — even if they aren't getting freaky as much (around 120 times a year). The hornballs in L.A., however, surpass the country in leaps by thinking about sex 13 times a day (it must be all that skin). Check out this handy infographic to see how your own life stacks up to the national norm.

Photo: Courtesy of Edelman PR

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