The Surprising Trick For A Better Run: Have Sex First

Illustrated by Darcy Moore.
If you've ever been tempted to crawl back into bed instead of working out, well, you now have a very good excuse.  Related: Yoga Moves And Other Tips To Beat PMS According toWomen's Health, a Brooks Running survey concluded that "48% of runners under age 40 say that having sex before a race fueled their performance." It’s not the most scientific of studies, but there could be some truth to it. Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, a sexologist, spoke with Women’s Health to answer the question, “Can sex give your running workout an edge?” Her answer was a firm yes. Although sex gets "your blood pumping and your heart rate going," Dr. Fulbright says, most sex isn't physically taxing enough to be a workout on its own. Instead, sex can be the fun preface to the real fitness routine. Related: The Best Positions If You're Dating Someone Taller Than You Plus, the endorphins released during sex (and during a workout) are responsible for the mood boost you may feel. And, "good sex" can certainly lead to increased confidence, according to Dr. Fulbright. Perhaps you could finally set a new record during that morning run. You can test the theory yourself if you're looking to improve your workout — or for no other reason than making your warm-ups a lot more enjoyable. Click through to Women's Health for more on how sex could improve a run. (Women's Health) Related: 6 Surprising Things That Make Men Insecure

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