5 Surprising Places I Learned About Sex

Illustrated by: Anna Sudit.
I was born in the early ‘80s, which means I came of age right around the time that the internet was going mainstream. As a kid, and even through a lot of my teenage years, the internet was still something of a fringe interest. Some people had it, but certainly not everyone; and since going online still required tying up the phone line, it was a lot harder to do in secret, away from the prying eyes of parents.
Which may explain why — unlike today’s youth or even people just a few years younger than me — I didn’t learn about sex from the internet. There were no late-night porn viewings or frantic Google searches for whatever confusing term I’d heard on TV; I didn’t grow up going into sexy chatrooms and exploring scenarios with strangers (I should probably note here that, for the bulk of my Wi-Fi-free teen years, using the internet required being in a room directly connected to my parents’ bedroom, or being at one of their offices; as a risk-averse kid, I decided the danger of searching for sex info under those circumstances held little appeal).
But just because I wasn’t watching porn clips or scrolling through sites like Scarleteen, that didn’t mean I was completely in the dark about sex. So how, exactly, did I learn about sex in those days before the internet? Well, a few different ways, which I’ve outlined ahead.

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