These Sex And The City Deleted Scenes Are Everything

It's been 11 years since we said goodbye to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, but their presence is still everywhere. And, even after two films and endless reruns of the hit HBO series, we still can't seem to get enough. We wish there were more — and luckily there is. Nearly 12 minutes of "coulda shoulda wouldas" have a home on YouTube.  Stanford talks shit about Big with Carrie. Samantha warns Big about breaking her best friend's heart one more time. An adorable takeout-in-bed scene with Carrie and Aidan let's us in on a little secret (when her all-American fella lost his virginity). Carrie reminds Aidan of what we knew all along — "There's no one with a bigger heart than you" — in a conversation about what she saw in her on-again, off-again S.O. (Talk about an awkward convo.) Charlotte spills to Harry about Trey's relationship with Bunny — a.k.a. "the wicked witch of the Upper East Side." Trey ends up at Samantha's Hamptons party, and Harry looks ready to throw down — after he shows off his waxed back, of course.  So many scenes, so many good times. Dust off your Manolos and take a walk down memory lane with the four era-defining best friends. 
Do we think it's time for another season or two of Sex and the CityAbsof*ckinglutely

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