These Fake Workout Videos Are Our New Favorite Thing On The Internet

"Don't you want to look good — both for yourself and the other people in your life who are more important?" asks Shelley Lachance in the first of a new series of hilarious sort-of fitness videos. "I know, me too." Her Self Conscious Workout videos certainly aren't the most conventional. But, because the character opts for honesty over actual workout techniques — actually voicing all the things we try not to think during barre class — they're still motivating in their own way. Rachel Laforest, who plays Lachance and created the series with Greg Stees, says she was inspired by the trainers in fitness videos like Insanity. "At first you love them and they make you laugh," she says, "but then you've done it so many times that you start to memorize their quirks and the things they say to the other people in the video. So, you start to get annoyed with them."  Trainers and other fitness stars often seem like superhuman machines fueled only by protein powder and satisfied only by sweat. So, we welcome the chance to be reminded that they, too, are human with their own particular brand of insecurities. Although Shelley's urge to indulge all of them probably isn't the most healthy. Still, sometimes the best motivation is solidarity. And, if you're ready to get moving after all this moping, we've got you covered there, too. 

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