6 Real Moms On The Little Acts Of Self-Care They ALWAYS Make Time For

It’s no secret that motherhood is a full-time job — and for plenty of women, it comes on top of another full-time job outside of parenthood. Naturally, this can leave little time for things like book clubs, exercise, drinks with friends, reading the news, and, well, sleep. In turn, self-care often ends up all the way at the bottom of the proverbial to-do list. 
Sure, it can be tough for any of us to wrangle enough time in our busy schedules for baths, yoga, pleasure reading, and all the other things that bring us a sense of joy and serenity. But for mothers — who are so often entirely wrapped up in the care of othersit can be particularly important to carve out some “me time,” however difficult it may be. That’s why we reached out to six real moms with different professions across the country about the little acts of self-care they always prioritize — and how they actually make time to do so.

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