Selena Gomez Does Clothing, We Look Back at Other Celeb Tween’s Disasters In Fashion

It seems like a prerequisite to be the next successful Disney star is to launch a clothing line that looks as if it was made by a seamstress with cataracts who was thrown into a Jo-Ann fabrics with only a gluegun and a bedazzler. Too harsh? Well, take a look for yourself as doe-eyed cutie Selana Gomez (who we assume is a sweet, delightful young woman since our Google image search of her didn't bring up questionable camera-phone pics) joins the tween-star-gone-designer ranks with her "Dream Out Loud" line. To be fair, the quirky, eclectic thing that we think she's going for is right on trend, and we applaud her age-appropriate pieces. But, those moccasins, corduroy skirts, and prints ripped from the discards at Laura Ashley are a little too much. But how does she stack up against her peers? We've dug up some tweeny adventures in fashion-land to see if Selana's endeavor was just bad or par-for-the-course. (WWD)
Above, left: Mary Kate and Ashley's Wal Mart Line—Oh girls, how far you've come! Granted, the demographics are a little different now, but there's really no excuse for appliqued butterflies.
The Better Tween: Selena, for her judicious decision to stay far away from the patches.
Above, right: Miley Cyrus' and Max Azria's Wal-Mart Collaboration—If the promo image was any warning, the Miley and Max line may cause your knees to buckle and your head to itch.
The Better Tween: Miley, because we think we're kind of into those royal-blue jeans in the back.
Above, left: Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve and Barry's—It's hard to pit a a boring striped sweater against a big, printed mess, but it seems unfair to call Amanda's basics collection a line at all.
The Better Tween: Selana, for doing more than slapping her name on a tee and calling it a day.
Above, right: Stuff by Hilary Duff—Hands down the worst name in the history of fashion, Hilary's line features a terrible, horrible, no-good tie motif.
The Better Tween: Selena. We're big "ties-only-go-around-your-necks" kinds of people.
Above, left: The Jonas Collection from the Jonas Brothers—Ah, Hilary—see where ties are supposed to go? It'd be more than embarrassing for us to wear JoBros, but these menswear-inspired pieces would be darling on our younger nieces.
The Better Tween: The Jonas Brothers. They've got better hair, too.
Above, right: Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne—We can hardly call the 25-year-old a tween, but we refuse to acknowledge that anyone with that much Sharpie-doodling on their jeans is an adult.
The Better Tween: Selena. Avril seems to be suffering from the same head-and-knees ailment as Miley.
Verdict: With four cases in favor of Gomez, and two against, Selena's wares might actually be on the brighter side of the tween-designer spectrum. Though, how about we raise the bar? We'd love to see an Emma Watson or Emma Roberts try their hand—and we'd bet that they wouldn't turn tweens into real-live Bratz dolls.

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