Here's How To Hack A Layer Cake Without Actually Baking

Photo: Courtesy of Dini Kodippili.
Baking is a science. And if you're someone who may be scarred from repressed memories of certain Advanced Chemistry classes past, avoiding it at all costs might sound like the best option. But, relying on the store-bought route for cakes and other oven-made treats doesn't always work out. Sometimes we are called upon by friends, family, and even co-workers to bring (read: bake) something special to the table. And it's times like these (when a grocery store sheet cake is not so appropriate) that we're forced to actually bake something.
But instead of reliving our science fears and those flunked Chem. class nightmares, we have an alternative idea: the secret layer cake. What's the secret? Other than lacking any scary baking-science, these dessert creations are stacked with hidden layers of unexpected flavors and fillings. Dini Kodippili's Secret Layer Cakes shows us oven-avoidant how to successfully craft this major layered magic in our own kitchens. From a no-bake Mexican hot chocolate cake to a Fruity Pebble-encrusted cheesecake, the recipes ahead will help to conquer those homemade sweets scaries. So you can bring (not bake) something special to that table, after all.

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