Cool Siblings In Hollywood You DIDN'T Know About

Update: In honor of National Sibling Day, we figured it's a great time to take a look at the talented relatives your favorite stars have stashed away in their family trees.
This story was originally published on March 31, 2015: Spoiler alert: Your favorite celebs were not sprung, fully formed, from the Hollywood Hills, ready to be seen on screen. The tabloids have one thing right. When it comes to family, stars really are just like us. They have parents! And, siblings with different careers! We know you’re aware of this, but it’s always interesting to meet the family members who know a completely different side of today’s biggest stars.
These under-the-radar siblings may not be as well-known as their celebrity brothers and sisters, but they helped shape your favorite stars into the people we know and love. Plus, they're pretty darn cool on their own accord. Ahead, get to know the brothers and sisters you never knew these stars had. It's a regular family reunion up in here.

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