Now You Can Wear Your Zodiac Sign...On Your Tips!

We know that we just reported on the possible death of nail art. But, if our friends at Scratch have anything to do with it, the trend of adorned nails will continue to survive and thrive. Case in point: The nail-wrap brand is debuting zodiac decals in the new year. Yup, that means that every month in 2014, the brand will be rolling out a new set of nail decals for that month's astrological sign. First up is Capricorn, which will go on sale this weekend.
Is wearing your sign on your nails a little silly? Sure. However, we've always loved how nail art allows for a small way to wear your personality on your sleeve (er, tips). So, why not take your self-expression one step further with sign-specific nail wraps? The best part: These decals, designed by artist Katie E. Lehman, don't require any artistic skills to apply. Simply stick, file, add topcoat, and represent — the stars have spoken!
Scratch Zodiac Nail Wraps, available December 22 at Scratch.

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