The Five Scariest Things in Fashion (Proceed with Caution!)

For an industry that's so fanciful, there's a lot to make our hair stand on end. Little frights like dagger-like stilettos on drunk PR girls or a quick topple from a novice catwalker might give us the chills, but there are some things that leave deep, get-us-a-therapist scars. From Frankenstein-ed headwear to the Worst Shoes Ever Made, here's our list of the five most terrifying things in fashion. Proceed with caution!
1. Taxidermy Jewelry
From mice bracelets to guinea pig haircombs, there's some serious bad karma in these furry fripperies. The fact that these Reid Peppard pieces exist and sell out makes us want to buy the world some Raid. 2. Emaciated Models
While the trend might be skewing towards the more healthy side of the weight spectrum, the super-skinny set still roams the catwalks like daddy-long-legs. It's time to ditch the human coat-hanger look and stop freaking everyone out.
3. The Wrath of Wintour
We nearly stepped on Anna's toes during this season's Jason Wu show (the mirrored runway made it impossible to navigate easily), and when we got shot the hairiest eyeball from the deepest recesses of all-that-is-unpleasant, we could feel our champagne and macaroon lunch start fighting its way up. Given the choice between Anna's evil eye and—oh, let's say a killer shark, we'd rather spend some time taking swimming lessons.
4. Louis Vuitton's Spring Show
We love Marc, we really do! But there's only so much room in our hearts for Afghan-tufted clogs, Gillie 'fros, and prints that were ripped from the cast-offs at Libby Lou. Our eyes…they still burn.
5. The Shoe From Hell
We don't know what's worse—the tire wheel heels, or the fact that they run about $239. Please, guys. We'll pay you that much for a chance to burn your Fluvogs.
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Emaciated models photos via, MSNBC,; Anna Wintour photo from The September Issue; Louis Vuitton photos via

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