12 Divas Who Don’t Believe Your Alibi

When you were little and cried over something trivial, your mother would tell you to save those tears for Oprah. Well, guess what? Oprah doesn't want your tears, either. In fact, before you even begin your sob story, you should know that Oprah and her fellow diva pals think you're completely full of shit. And they are quite openly calling you out on it.
Oh, you used to live in Paris? Beyoncé knows you're really referring to a two-month study abroad trip. She's willing to wager you didn't even speak French the entire time, either. And, that marathon training you're doing? Sounds tough — but not as tough as Madonna, who knows your running routine is non-existent, and that the only way to achieve physical greatness is to mimic her every move. Must Celine Dion even address this "juice cleanse" you've been on? That's what we thought, late-night sneaky snacker.
Look, it's okay if you wanna tell your friends, family, and coworkers that you're doing all these incredible things. Everyone needs a party trick. Just don't try it out on this crowd, because the jig is up, kid. Ahead, 12 divas who just aren't buying it.

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