Get Crafty In The Kitchen With Sarah Michelle Gellar's New Cookbook

Sure, we want food to be fast, simple, and delicious — but what about fun? As much as we love to cook, we usually find ourselves throwing easy, go-to recipes together without much thought or flair. Because in our minds, flair and fun (especially when it comes to food) take time. Or so we thought. Enter actress (and former vampire-slaying huntress) Sarah Michelle Gellar's Stirring Up Fun With Food.
That's right fam, Buffy Summers has hung up her stakes and taken to the kitchen to get downright crafty with food. With the help of her husband, Freddie Prince Jr. and two tots, Gellar shows us a thing or two about accessible kitchen creativity. Think refreshing twists on chicken fingers, otherwise boring vegetables, and unexpected dessert dishes.
So next time you're feeling a little less than original in the recipe department, let these three recipes from Buffy's book bust in and lead the way.

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